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2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil Launches Today for Xbox 360 and PS3

Today, 2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil Launches in North America for the PlayStation 3 and the Xbox 360, the European countries will get the game a day after tomorrow on 17th of April.

FIFA World Cup is the biggest event in football and there have been multiple World Cup focused games since 1986 but rarely any game meets the expectations.

The latest installment of FIFA World Cup game from EA was also disappointing for the fans who have bought the advanced machines in the shape of PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. However, EA addressed this decision by saying:

We don’t have limitless resources. We wanted to bring the game to as many people as possible and right now that was the 360 and PS3.

Emerging markets were important to making this decision. We wanted to create the best game we could that could reach as many people as possible.

2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil is going to include a number of modes into the game which will range from the actual world cup finals tournament to challenges that actually happened in the past events. Moreover, a lot of improvement in the gameplay will also be witnessed by the players.

Are you getting 2014 FIFA World Cup 2014 today on PS3 or Xbox 360? Let us know in your comments!