John Salter Sets Two New World Records for Playing an Arcade Game

Ohio Arcade Champion John Salter has set two new world records in his marathon last week. First one is for playing the arcade game for the longest time on a single credit and the other for scoring most points.

On the morning of 9th April, John Salter started playing Armor Attack, which is a 1980 shooter game developed by Cinematronics. The whole event was streamed live on the Video Game Media Personality ‘Patrick Scott Patterson’.

Salter spent 85 hours 16 minutes in the Armor Attack and he finished playing after more than three days of keeping at it. Finally, the marathon ended on Saturday late night on 12th of April. To stay fresh and keep his focus, John took a few power naps after he had played for more than 8 or 12 hours.

Previously, the record was held by Q*bert champion George Leutz last year, who played for 84 hours and 48 minutes.

Another major gaming record was also broken, salter managed to score 2,211,990 points which broke the last record of 2,009,000 points that was made way back in 1982.

What do you think of the latest record breaking marathon from John Salter? Have you ever thought 2,009,000 points record will be broken after so many years? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below!

Source: Patrick Scott Patterson