scroll down Lets You Decide Sales In Battle of the Games

Online store has put up a new sale with its Battle of the Games promotion that will run from now until April 21, 2014. In this event, its users get to choose which selection of games receives a large discount.

When visiting the site, you’ll be able to make your choice between two sets of titles. Its winner will be put on sale at a 75% discount, while the other will need to settle for 60% off its normal price. Honestly though, it’s a good deal either way.

To get people primed for sales, has already thrown up a few games at a low price. Naturally, as always with GOG, this includes both releases from The Witcher for chump change.

You can vote right now for either Red Faction games or Unreal titles. You’ll be getting shooters tomorrow either way. Currently, Unreal is enjoying a sizable lead, so let your voice be heard and recruit some friends, if you want that to change.

Remember that is one of the only retailers left to employ a single currency policy, so you’ll be getting the best deal, no matter what region you’re from. Moreover, a lot of their purchases come with added incentives often not included on other platforms.

For instance, the copy of The Witcher 2 comes with a ton of extra goodies, including a Playboy session of Triss, for some reason. More traditional extras usually include a soundtrack, a few wallpapers and so on.