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Freedom Wars Releasing For The West

Freedom wars is an action-RPG being developed by SCE Studio Japan in collaboration with Shift, the studio behind God Eater; and which is scheduled for release this year in North America and Europe for the PlayStation Vita.

Announced last year, Freedom Wars takes place on a post-apocalyptic Earth where humans cannot survive on the ground anymore and so they live in underground cities called Panopticons. With overpopulation and rising crimes affecting their very survival, the humans decide to punish crime in the worst way they could imagine. Anyone found committing a crime, regardless of their innocence is sentenced to 1,000,000 years of exodus from the underground city. The only way to reduce their sentence is to fight the monsters that now roam the surface.

Freedom Wars will feature an online mode complete with multiplayer functionality, where players can make teams of up to 4 or 8 members to take on monsters called Abductors. These on defeat yield resources needed by the Panopticon. Players can also opt to take on the team of their rival Panopticon and steal their resources as well.

Players are equipped with a special whip called the ‘Thorn’ which allows him to zip across the battlefield and pull monsters down to the ground.

There are 47 Panopticons and each one of them is competing against one another. Players have to gather resources or attack enemy Panopticons to increase their development and lower their rival’s development. A highly developed Panopticon has the ability to take control of less developed Panopticons. Dropping resources at their base awards players with character and weapon customizations.

Sony is expected to announce a release date soon.