The Evil Within PAX Trailer Shows Boxhead and a Mysterious White-Hooded Man

Tango Gameworks’ The Evil Within really looks like it’s set on course to revive the video game horror genre. At a recent PAX East panel, the developer showcased a new gameplay video that featured one of the game’s villain – or the stay-away-from-him guy you come across in every horror game.

If Silent Hill had the Pyramid Head, The Evil Within is going to have the Box Head. In the video he’s shown as a large “humanoid creature” that has a barbed wired box around his head. He is fast for his build and carries a large hammer as a weapon.

Additionally we get to see another character from the game, this one seemingly the main villain – a mysterious white-hooded villain with supernatural psychic powers. Not much is known about him for the time being.

Attendees of PAX East were also able to get their hands on a short demo of the game. From the demo we gathered that The Evil Within will have a nice arsenal of weapons, including a handgun, shotgun, sniper rifle and crossbow. Shotguns are nice to clear large waves but handguns are better for shooting out knees and limbs to slow down creatures.

Graphically the game does well in portraying a morbid feel, as is its sound which will have you jump around at every little thing.

The Evil Within will be released on August 26 in the US, 28 in Australia and 29 in the UK for the PS4, PS3, Xbox One, Xbox 360 and PC.