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Early Road Rash Revival Road Redemption Purchase Up Now

Upcoming project Road Redemption is now available for purchase in its development form, currently in Alpha. For this PC arcade title, you’ll need to plop down $40 for the privilege of accessing it early.

A $40 tab will also net you further tiers in Road Redemption, such as the eventual release of the game on Steam Early Access. As an extra incentive, this special build also comes with an exclusive barbed wire bat weapon for when you’re slugging people in the game.

An early purchase also grants you a digital copy of the Road Redemption art book, as well as its soundtrack. So you’re at least getting a lot of goodies in return for your support.

Road Redemption is essentially the revival of the classic bike brawling game Road Rash, originally released for the Sega Mega Drive. Players participate in illegal races on long strips of road, while they try and bash each other off their motorcycles.

Since that’s highly frowned upon by the rest of society, players would also be chased by the police during these races.

Drivers could lash out at each other either by kicking or punching other contestants. Alternatively, it would also be possible to use a weapon, like a lead pipe, to bash someone’s skull in.

Currently, Road Redemption is in early stages of development, so only really the most basic racing and fighting elements are in place, but more is coming as it’s made.

Road Redemption was put into work after a successful Kickstarter campaign last year. It asked for $160,000 in funds, which it managed to receive in the end.

Those who don’t want to pay that much upfront, but are still interested in bashing motorists in the future, can simply preorder the game for $18. This will come with a Steam key for Road Redemption when it is released.