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Check Out Goliath Combat and AI Monsters in New Evolve Screenshots

Turtle Tock Studios are really prepping up their latest monster based co-operative first person shooter. Recently, they revealed a handful of new Evolve screenshots that show off the AI monsters as well as the playable Goliath.

In total, six new screenshots were released by the developer at PAX East 2014. It was announced previously that people attending PAX East will be able to get new information about Evolve if they visit the 2K Games’ booth.

The first screenshot shows one of the humans firing shots at one of the monsters outside a building, the second shows a couple of other weird looking creatures that have legs and lower body portion like a bird (maybe a monstrous hen) but in the place of their heads, there is something with multiple long snoots.

There on, you see the team of hunters taking on the monster again, this time in a group of two. The second last screenshot in comparatively more important as it shows the abilities of Goliath. We see Rock Throwing, Leap Dash and Charge. There is a progression system for each of the abilities represented by the percentage of damage and red arrows. The interface is good.

The last two screenshots shows a showdown between the hunting party and the monster Goliath who looks like pretty pissed.

Evolve has been announced for PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One however, Take Two Interactive, the parent company of 2K Games has not ruled out the last generation of consoles from consideration.

Did you see the new Evolve screenshots? How stoked are you about being able to play as Goliath, or about getting it on against the AI monsters?