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Capcom Constructing Two New Studios To Focus on Next-Gen & Social Gaming

Today, Capcom announced that they are building two brand new Research and Development buildings, just near their head offices in Osaka. According to Capcom, these studios will be fitted with dedicated motion capture rooms, sound recording studios and some other major facilities.

In a prepared statement, a Capcom representative said that these new studios are being built with a huge focus on the new consoles and social gaming.

The appearance of next-generation consoles with a variety of network functions has shifted the focus of sales from conventional package software to digitally distributed content.

The profit structure and business model are changing at an increasing speed as a result. Furthermore, the popularity of social games due to the widespread use of smartphones is enabling games to reach more user segments and enlarging the entire game market.

When completed, the new studios will also help the company in being more efficient and hence projects will take less time for completion.

To succeed in this challenging environment, Capcom has been focusing resources on strategic and growing areas under a policy of selection and concentration in order to operate with speed and flexibility. Constructing these new R&D buildings will make game development operations more efficient by centralizing these operations and upgrading speed and control.

Moreover, Capcom wants to keep the cost of their development down but that doesn’t mean that they will compromise on quality of their games. The company wants to hire more the 2500 new employees by 2022 to get an edge on the other developers on the Mobile and PC games.

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Source Capcom