Batman Arkham Origins DLC, Cold, Cold Heart Gets a 30 Minute Video

As interesting as the name of the second Batman Arkham Origins DLC is, the latest video for Cold, Cold Heart is pretty impressive too. We were given the first look at the Batman XE Suit by Warner Bros. ten days ago; but this time it is a whole 30 minutes worth of video that showcases not only the new suit but how Mr. Freeze is going to use his coldness against the dark knight.

The video takes you through 30 minutes of gameplay showing how the Batman XE Suit is going to be used to counter Mr. Freeze’s weapons. It also shows you how the special heat power-ups are going to be used by our protagonist to get through ice barriers. Check it out above and tell us what you think of it in the comments section below.

We were told previously that there will be no more Batman Arkham Origins DLC for the Wii U platform, and the season pass holders were refunded through the Nintendo eShop. This means that the DLC is only going to be released to PC, PS3 and Xbox 360.

The release date of the second Batman Arkham Origins DLC, Cold, Cold Heart is April 22, 2014.