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Age of Empires World Domination Announced for Mobile, Trailer Inside

Alright let’s agree that this isn’t the kind of a new installment we wanted to see in the series, but a new Age of Empires game has been announced by Microsoft. The game is titled Age of Empires World Domination and it is a mobile title – primarily the reason why this is not the kind of a AOE game that the fans wanted.

Microsoft has put up a website dedicated to Age of Empires World Domination and released the announcement trailer for the game as well. What we know so far is that it will be a free-to-play title and that it is planned to release on Android, iOS and Windows Phones.

If you are a returning fan, you would remember Age of Empires Online, another free-to-play game but with a badly monetized system – let’s hope this one doesn’t follow suit.

As you can see from the trailer, the game boasts of a completely re-imagined battle system and of bringing you the series’ most popular civilizations: the Celts under King Arthur, the Vikings under Cnut the Great, the Franks under Joan of Arc, Huns led by Attila and many more.

There is no release date for Age of Empires World Domination at the moment, but it is expected to release this summer.