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GTA V Total Conversion Mod For GTA IV Will Also Come With Multiplayer Mode

Modder NTAuthority has announced that his GTA V total conversion mod for GTA IV has entered Alpha Testing.

With rumors floating about regarding the PC Version of GTA V releasing this June, he thought it best to release his mod to the public.

Porting Los Santos to GTA IV has been challenging and what has been achieved so far is nothing short of amazing. Whilst it looks complete, there is more work left before the beta version can be announced.

Speaking at a thread in GTAForums, NTAuthority described his mod:

ViIV is a modification aiming to bring the GTA V environment (preferably, all of it, from the northernmost bound to the airport area, including interiors and everything I can manage to figure out) to IV, with the primary purpose of being used as a loadable third-party resource in the CitizenMP:IV multiplayer modification framework that will get announced shortly (in fact, after the first alpha reception is live I’m suspending non-critical development on ViIV to have some time on getting started on CitMP; there’s some great ideas I want to see working out there actually 🙂 )

At this point, I have a basic map (drawables with all shaders existent in IV + non-existent shaders mapped to ‘default’, archetype definitions, entity placements and basic BVH triangle/box nodes — lacking collision materials) conversion toolkit, and am currently working on verifying the functioning of the toolset in converting all of the _citye and _cityw areas of V and fixing easily-reproducible crash issues for an initial release of the modification.

Links to the mod are forbidden on GTAForums, you can download it from here if you’re interested in trying out the mod.