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Watch Dogs Leaked Screenshot Shows Giant Mecha Spider, It’s Real

Some of you might say that you don’t even know what’s going on in this game anymore; well this Watch Dogs leaked screenshot surely is another evidence of that.

Over at Imgur, we have stumbled upon an image from Ubisoft’s upcoming open world action adventure game that shows a giant mecha spider.

In the Watch Dogs leaked screenshot it doesn’t look like Aiden Pierce that is taking on the mecha spider, instead it is just another cop with a helmet who is shooting rounds at the robotic menace.

Now, when I first saw this I didn’t know whether this should be believed or not, but then I found out this video of Watch Dogs from last month where the game’s cinematic qualities were being shown off.

While you watch the video through the end, you get the tiniest of glimpses at the same giant mecha spider at around the 3 minute 37 second marker. It’s pretty easy to miss out so it took me a while to get a screenshot off of the video, here it is:

watch dogs mecha sipder

So what has Ubisoft in store for us? Maybe this is something that is planned for a DLC? It is also a question if people want the developer to experiment with things like robots. I say this because so far the image portrayed for the game is not one of a robot vs. human fight game. Sure it relies heavily on computers, hacking, IT and all that, but ‘robot spiders’ is a different kind.

Does the Watch Dogs leaked screenshot raise the game’s awesomeness for you or not?