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PC Gaming is Stronger Than Ever, $24 Billion Yearly Revenue Expected

PAX East 2014 brought forth a very important and interesting panel from some of the known developers who are working in the PC gaming industry. The panel was titled “The Future of PC Gaming” and one thing that stood out among everything discussed, was the scale of the industry in term of revenue. From here on, it is expected that PC gaming will earn a cumulative revenue of $24 billion per year!

The panel had speakers from different areas of expertise discussing what to expect from the industry, we had: PC Gamer Editor in Chief Evan Lahti as a moderator, Oculus VR founder Palmer Luckey, Star Citizen Creative Director Chris Roberts, Planetside 2 Creative Director Matt Higby and Nvidia Director of Technical marketing Tom Petersen.

Before they went at it, a ‘mission statement’ for the PC gaming industry was presented, and it surely has a strong reliable vibe:

“PC Gaming is open, it’s high powered, it’s flexible, moddable, malleable, it’s not “one size fits all,” its gaming greatest breeding ground for experimentation and original ideas. There’s no platform that offers the same amount of choice, value, variety and performance as PC gaming.”

It was Petersen among the speakers who came up with the estimated revenue figures of $24 million per annum. According to him, this was the collective estimate from PC games sales, microtransactions, subscriptions and digital downloads.

Moreover, Chris Roberts explained that although big names like Dell were reporting a decrease in PC sales, it didn’t really affect PC gaming.

His reason, validly, was that most of the PC gamers build their own machines instead of buying off shelf from companies. What could represent a somewhat relatable statistic of the gaming industry would be the sales of motherboards and video cards.

This was reiterated by Petersen who confirmed that as far as they are concerned, the PC gaming sector has never been stronger and the sales of their GTX segment is overwhelming.

What do you expect from the future of PC gaming?