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OlliOlli Headed to PS4, PS3 & PC This July

Today at PAX East in Boston, developer Roll7 confirmed that they will be bringing their popular skating game ‘OlliOlli’ to PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3 and PC on July 22nd this year.

In an interview with Den of Geek, the director of the studio, Simon Bennet said:

We are looking at July 22nd [Which is] my birthday!

There had been some speculations that OlliOlli will be making its way to other Sony consoles and now this interview confirms it.

The game made quite an impact upon its release on PS Vita in January where it gained a lot of positive reviews from the critics and the fans.

OlliOlli is a side scroller skateboarding game that was a major release in the skateboarding genre after Skate 3, which was released almost four years ago in May of 2010.

Moreover, the director of the game promised that despite the game being just a port, will have a different feel on the consoles and PC, thus confirming that there will be some additional content heading towards the players.

OlliOlli provides different levels of difficulty in the game, once you have completed one difficulty, a harder difficulty will unlock. However, if you fail at any point in the game, you will have to replay the whole level again.

If you are a fan of the skateboarding genre then OlliOlli is a must play title for you, don’t miss out on the opportunity.

Are you looking forward to play OlliOlli on your PS4, PS3 or PC? Let us know in the comments!