Final The Last of Us DLC Unveiled by Naughty Dog, Reclaimed Territories Pack

Naughty Dog promised three DLCs for the Season Pass of their incredibly popular title last year ‘The Last of Us’. Delivering on that promise, the studio announced their final The Last of Us DLC pack today named ‘Reclaimed Territories Pack’.

This final DLC of the game will bring a number of new weapons, maps and skills to the multiplayer mode while the single-player campaign will receive a brand new difficulty level.

The first two DLCs of the game were Abandoned Territories multiplayer expansion and Left Behind which was the story DLC that featured Ellie as the main character.

The community manager of Naughty Dog, Eric Monacelli said that the release date of the Reclaimed Territories Pack will be announced “‘very, very soon!”

The newest DLC will also make its way to the recently announced Remastered Edition for the PlayStation 4 this summer.

The Last of Us received multiple Game of the Year Awards due to its diverse gameplay style and incredible story. There isn’t a lot of information available on the upcoming DLC but we will have more on it really soon.

What do you think of The Last of Us multiplayer? Will you be getting Reclaimed Territories Pack? Let us know in your comments below!