Superbrothers EP Successor Below Confirmed For Steam

Developer Capybara Games released a new trailer for Below that finally confirms the Steam release of the game. Previously, it was part of a list of exclusives for Xbox One.

Most of the trailer focuses on the large atmospheric hook Below will go for. We get to see different themes for a bunch of locations.

For instance, we start off at the brighter colors of a beach, then head inland to take cover from the grizzly rainfall. Next, the clip marches through green fields, to ultimately stop at an earthen cave.

There, the story moves downwards into the dark depths. That’s why the game is called Below and not Above Ground.

Since caves have no natural light, illumination will play a big role in this part of the game. A small character can be seen taking refuge next to a glowing fireplace that has a shiny pool of water next to it.

At the end of the clip, the character heads further into the rocks to reveal the Steam logo. Capybara Games confirms this release on their site.

Below is sort of a spiritual successor to Superbrothers EP: Sword & Sworcery, which was a huge success for the studio as well as the composer of the game, Jim Gunthrie. For this new adventure, the two will meet again, giving it a similar vibe.

It had always been said that Below would eventually come to other platforms, but this finally takes it down as an Xbox One exclusive. That means that the Microsoft console only has a few titles left of its own, such as an upcoming Halo project and Sunset Overdrive.