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Respawn: Titanfall Doesn’t Need DirectX 12 To Increase Performance

Microsoft recently announced DirectX 12 and claimed that the new technology would help increase the performance of video games across all Microsoft platforms, namely the Xbox One.

Respawn Entertainment on the other hand is claiming that they don’t need DirectX 12 to increase the performance of their online shooter Titanfall.

According to programmer Jon Shiring, the recent Titanfall update did not include performance fixes, but the next one will. Responding on Twitter to a question of performance fixes, Shiring said “it’s not in this update, no. But yes, people are working on it.”

Currently Titanfall on the Xbox One suffers from screen tearing and dips in the frame rate. One fan asked Shiring if DirectX 12 would address these issues, to which he replied that it’s too soon to say. It might be possible but since they know very less about DirectX 12, it’s impossible to say right now. He though assured that work on performance fixes is underway and that players would be surprised to see that in action.

Currently Titanfall runs at 60 FPS on the Xbox One at its native 792P resolution. The developers are planning to increase the resolution up to 900p along with fixing all the performance issues.

Source Twitter