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Minecraft: Vita Edition Teased by 4J Studios

Yesterday saw 4J Studios teasing a PlayStation Vita version of Minecraft, which probably spells out cross-play.

The developer sent out a Tweet to remind everyone that Perfect Dark XBLA is currently on sale at 70 percent off on the Xbox Store right now. “Perfect reason to finally open this,” concluded the Tweet, with a picture of Perfect Dark Rum. On the sides though were Xbox One and PlayStation 4 controllers, as well as a PlayStation Vita in the background running Minecraft.

Furthermore a monitor in the back also shows itself running Minecraft: PlayStation 4 Edition as noted by the autosave text message displayed on the screen.

That’s quite a tease since 4J Studios has yet to announce any kind of release date for either the PlayStation 4 or PlayStation Vita. Additionally, the developer has recently mostly been vocal about being active on the Xbox One edition.

Title Update 14 was recently released, which brings a series of new features for the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 edition of Minecraft. This will be followed by Title Update 15 to fix bugs, after which 4J could potentially release the next-gen versions.

Minecraft: PS4 Edition and Xbox One Edition will both offer new features such as larger worlds and expanded multiplayer features but the PS Vita Edition will share the same feature set as the PS3 Edition and Xbox 360 Edition.