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Finn and Jake’s Epic Quest Adventure Time Now On Steam

Oh no, BMO has been captured and the Land of Ooo has become a giant video game available on Steam, called Finn and Jake’s Epic Quest. It’s out right now for €7.99, at a 20% discount, before going back to its original price of €9.99 when the offer ends on April 18, 2014.

Fans of Cartoon Network and its shows will recognize the names as those from the Adventure Time series, which is where this journey takes place. It’s published by Cartoon Network Games itself, so you know it’s legit.

Its colorful 3D visuals resemble that used in the episode “Guardian of Sunshine,” where both Finn and Jake enter their favorite game to reenact it in person. It’s in 3D with soft, shaded touches.

While going all over the land, you’ll visit the different regions of the land. These locales include the Fire Kingdom or the Ice Kingdom.

Finn and Jake’s Epic Quest also contains most well-known friends and foes from the cartoon. Notable characters you’ll encounter are the Ice King, Death and Magic Man.

To defeat these butts, you’ll be able to count on Jake’s stretching powers, climb into your personal Jake Suit or use the gender-bending Fionna & Cake.

During the 28 levels in total, you’ll also be able to seek help from Marceline, Lady Rainicorn or a gigantic War Elephant.

Voice-overs for Finn and Jake’s Epic Quest are from the original cast, such as John DiMaggio, voice of both Bender in Futurama and Marcus Fenix in Gears of War.

Downloading Finn and Jake’s Epic Quest will take you about 4.5Gb.