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Alien: Isolation Uses In-House Engine, Devs Considering Mantle Support as Well

Undoubtedly, Creative Assembly’s Alien: Isolation is turning out to be one of the scariest games of the season. That led to a lot of questions being raised in the mind of the tech freaks as well as the gamers, so here we are with some of the answers.

The developer was interviewed recently where he shed light on the engine being used in their upcoming Alien based game as well as other technical choices that they have made or plan to make in the coming future.

First off, Creative Assembly was asked about the engine that was used in Rome 2: Total War; seeing that it was such a powerful engine, the question was if they had reused the same engine. They were also asked to shed some light on the reasons why the technology they chose the technology that is being used now.

Here’s how they responded:

“We created our own, bespoke engine for Alien: Isolation. What this allowed us to do was focus on making the game deliver what it needed to at a time when next-gen was a relative unknown. We knew the quality bar we wanted to achieve, the gameplay features and visual fidelity and set about building an engine which could deliver the focus in those areas.”

Moreover, they explained that the engine in question ‘scales very well with multiple cores,’ and that if you are not GPU limited, more cores mean better performance.

Lastly, when asked about AMD’s Mantle API, the developer shared what could be a future plan by saying that “We (CA) are considering Mantle at the moment. It looks really interesting.”

So, how excited are you about Alien: Isolation?