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Wasteland 2 To Last 50 Hours While L.A. is Green This Time

Wasteland 2 is in the final portion of its development but there is still some work to be done by developer Inxile Entertainment.

The developers are working day in and day out to remove all the small and big issues to bring the best possible experience to the players. The inventory system is being overhauled and some rough edges are being refined.

The developer has hinted that the single playthrough of the game will last for at least 50 hours but if you want to explore multiple locations and side missions then the time will be increased.

Furthermore, Inxile Entertainment shed some light on the location of Los Angeles:

Los Angeles is a separate world map from Arizona. A lot of Arizona has a feeling of familiarity for the Wasteland 1 fans, as it sees the return of quite a number of Wasteland 1 locations and factions.

On the other hand, Los Angeles allows us to get back to some of the wildness the Wasteland setting allows, by opening up a fresh new area with weird possibilities. Nature has reclaimed much of the ruined landscape.

In L.A., we decided to make many of its recognizable landmarks key locations, including the aforementioned LA Coliseum and Hollywood, but also such spots as the Watts Towers and the Griffith Observatory.

Our design process started with, ‘What would be the most bad-ass areas in L.A. for the player to visit?’ We then sprinkled these areas with weird cults and weirder creatures.

At the start of Wasteland 2, Los Angeles will be very less hostile area as compared to Arizona because most of the settlements will begin in the state of “equilibrium”, which means that you will have more areas to explore before you get to see the real dark sides of these places.

Wasteland 2 will release for Windows PC, Mac OS X and Linux sometime in the future.

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Source: RPS