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Ubisoft Handing 12 “Uplay Ambassadors” With VIP Tickets to E3 2014

Ubisoft is going to reward 12 “creative and dedicated” users of its Uplay digital platform with VIP tickets to this year’s E3 event.

Posting on their official forums, Ubisoft said that the chosen 12 would act as “Uplay Ambassadors” and be given an all-expenses paid trip to attend E3 this year. The tickets, as mentioned earlier, are going to be feature VIP access to the show floor at the Los Angeles Convention Center.

As to how these ‘ambassadors will be picked,’ Ubisoft stated that two of them will be picked through the Uplay Fan Art Contest and the Uplay Fan Video Contest. The contests asks fans to create art, short films, cosplay and or speed-runs for Ubisoft’s titles. The remaining 10 will be selected from “the most dedicated members of Ubisoft’s games’ communities.”

Furthermore , 1,000 Uplay users will receive invitations to the Uplay lounge pop-up event taking place at The Standard Hotel near the E3. Attendees will get hands-on time with titles Ubisoft has brought to the expo. To enter for a chance to check out the Uplay Lounge, which will be open June 9-12, register here.

“Uplay wants to reward and surprise its loyal members by providing exclusive live experiences, and by delivering an immersive online experience,” reads the forum post. “The Uplay lounge and Uplay Ambassador program are part of the broader rewards Uplay provides to dedicated Ubisoft fans.”

Source Ubisoft Forums