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Tom Clancy’s The Division Weapons Are Being Designed by Red Storm

Ubisoft Massive might be the core developers working on the latest Tom Clancy’s game, but Tom Clancy’s The Division weapons are being developed by a different studio: Ubisoft Red Storm.

This is the third development studio that is working on the game and the first to have been hired specially to make just the weapons.

Everyone seems to be really pumped up by the collaboration, and the post that announced the decision lists the comments of many of the developers from both the teams. For instance, Fredrik Rundqvist the Executive Producer at Massive believes that with Red Storm being the birthplace of Tom Clancy’s games, it is something he is looking forward to:

“Red Storm is the birthplace of the Tom Clancy game franchise – having them work with us is a fantastic opportunity. Their expertise in military hardware, weapons and everything Tom Clancy is second to none in the industry. I really look forward to having them onboard and I am sure they will add a lot of amazing things to the game!”

On the other hand, Red Storm producer Tony Sturtzel sound pretty confident about his team and their ability to carve out weapons with authenticity that goes down to each millimeter:

“We know that that we can build absolutely the most authentic piece of equipment, right down to the millimeter. And the guys who are coming in from the gameplay side maybe want to push the envelope a bit, which is a great jumping off point to push the collaboration, because we have to get together regularly and talk about it from both sides.”

The first game ever made by Red Storm was Tom Clancy’s Politika which was developed back in 1997. Since then they have made a couple of dozens of games on the same series. How well do you think Red Storm can work on Tom Clancy’s The Division Weapons?