The Wolf Among Us Episode 4 Teaser Surfaces Online

Although it has only been two days since the third episode of Bigby’s adventures was released, it seems like Telltale Games already wants to indulge us in thoughts of The Wolf Among Us Episode 4. Recently we stumbled upon a teaser video for the next episode.

The trailer starts with Bigby sitting somewhere with a bloodstained shirt, the voice in the background calls ‘he is lucky to be alive, and he won’t be next time if he keeps going like this.’

I won’t spoil the fun for you by narrating all of it in writing; but there is one thing certain, things are starting to heat up. You better take a look at it yourself and tell us what you make of it.

The episodic graphic adventure game has previously received three episodes and two more are expected. Although the time gap between the first and second episode was four months, the third was released only two months after the second and now we already have a teaser for the fourth episode.

Could it be that The Wolf Among Us episode 4 is expected to come sooner than expected?