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The Wolf Among Us Episode 3 Books of Fables Locations Guide

To obtain Journeyman Librarian Trophy/Achievement in The Wolf among Us Episode #3 you’ll have to collect all three Books of Fables.

At any point in the game, you can go to Main Menu and read the books. Once you’ve collected a book, the game will automatically save progression. Check below for location of each book in the game:

Book of Fable #1
Location: At the very beginning of Chapter Three, while waiting for Snow’s Eulogy to end, head over to the table with candles and check the table for the first book.

Book of Fable #2
Location: After acquiring the first Book of Fable, you’ll be asked to choose your destination. At this point, choose to go to Crane’s Apartment and after entering the apartment; check the Headless Horseman Statue and you’ll get the second Book of Fable.

Book of Fable #3
Location: At the very end of the third chapter, you’ll meet with Auntie Greenleaf and will be asked to burn a tree. No matter what your decision is, you’ll get the Book of Fable no matter what!

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