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PayDay 2 DLC Gage Mod Courier Has Arrived, But it Isn’t Free

‘Did you ever wonder how Gage gets his products on the market? Well, here’s your chance to find out,’ reads the official page of PayDay 2 DLC Gage Mod Courier. The page went live recently on the official website of Overkill Software and is promoting the DLC stylishly.

“Gage wants you to help him collect incoming gun mod shipments in the form of small packages scattered all over D.C. All you gotta do is find them and pick them up. In return, you’ll get a share; not of the profits, but the products! Straight from the source, no middlemen or loot drop. How does that sound? Sweet? We thought so.”

The PayDay 2 DLC Gage Mod Courier is going to go live on Steam today i.e. April 10 but unfortunately it is not free as many of you might have expected. This time around, Overkill is charging you $4.99 if you wish to be the courier guy for Gage.

So what you are going to do is get these scattered packages in enough quantity for each type. There are a total of five types of packages that have been named in a way that it will become easy for you to remember how they look for instance Red Spider, Yellow Bull, Green Mantis, Blue Eagle and Purple Snake.

The page in question is pretty detailed and even has pictures of how the packages look like, a FAQ section and most importantly, the contents of each package.

Head straight to the PayDay 2 DLC Gage Mod Courier page to see what you will be getting in return and tell us how lucrative it is.