NERO Announcement Trailer Released by Storm in a Teacup

Now although the NERO announcement trailer looks a lot different from the Japanese test based titles, the developer making the game believes it is a visual novel of a different kind. Storm in a Teacup has released the video that shows off the game’s Avatar-like scenery.

Even the first scene of NERO announcement trailer ensues the feeling we got from the luminescent plants that we saw in Avatar. Thereon, the video shows tow cloaked figures; their cloaks have emblems that light up a bright blue and so do their eyes. It is surely something gawk worthy for the eyes.

As we move on, the surroundings of the two characters get unbelievably more beautiful. There is water but it’s the mix of between blue and purple. There is a waterfall between two pieces of land that light up like the floor has been made of LEDs, and then there’s this bridge connecting the two sides. If I had to use one word to explain all this, it would be ‘bravura!’

What comes next is a big jelly fish, so big that it could engulf 10 of those characters inside it.

Well, the NERO announcement trailer is short, around two minutes only, but you’ll surely love it. Check it out.