Minecraft Update 1.7.6 Available Now, Prepare To Rename Your Character

Mojang has finally released Minecraft Update 1.7.6 to fix bugs, improve the realms and more importantly, prepare the game for character renames to rename your character in the game.

Why it needed preparation? Well, Mojang wants to keep Minecraft clean of the trolls and banned players.

The rename feature is a cosmetic one as it won’t affect anything else. If you were banned previously, you will remain banned from the servers and that is what this update makes sure by assigning unique IDs to all players so no matter what you call yourself after rename feature is released, if you were banned, you will still be banned after renaming.

The same will apply for white listed and oped players and after renaming, they also keep their inventory, pets, statistics and everything else they own on a server.

Another thing that you need to take note of is, names are unique. If your preferred name has been taken, you will have to choose a different name for your character or ask other player to chance their name so that you can take that unique name for your character.

Although Mojang is encouraging players to use this feature, they don’t want to see it spammed making it their priority to come up with a system that discourages players to renaming their character every other day while keeping it easy for those who want to rename their character.

It may be a tricky situation but Mojang is confident they can do it. As for when name changing feature will be available; that’s something Mojang will ponder once majority of the community is using 1.8 or higher. Why? They want to make sure servers have enough time to switch to the new player formats.

Renaming feature isn’t the only agenda of Minecraft Update 1.7.6, it also changes the way servers handle player skins by incorporating improved skin servers. One thing that you should note before you install the update is that it is not compatible with 1.7.5 or servers on earlier version.

Make sure you update to 1.7.6 version enabling you for a smooth transition to the upcoming Minecraft Update 1.8 which will automatically update all player profiles to the new format. One thing that you need to make sure is that you are in a correct server mode when you start 1.7.6 server for the first time.

Why? Because patch notes clearly warn you about the incompatibility of player profiles between these two server modes.

Source: Mojang