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Join Microsoft in The Excavation of “E.T the Videogame”

Microsoft has issued a public invitation to attend their Atari Landfill excavation, where the team will search for the E.T The Extra Terrestrial videogame cartridge rumored to be buried in New Mexico by the developers.

The story goes way back, when Atari’s E.T game was ridiculed as being one of the worst ever. The reception was so bad that the developer ultimately decided on burying millions of unsold copies in Alamogordo, New Mexico in 1983. The game is said to be the biggest commercial failure in video game history and is also cited as a contributing factor to the videogame industry crash of 1983.

It wasn’t that E.T couldn’t even get a single sale off. The game actually did good on launch, even though it was still under their projected sales. Eventually the demand from retailers caused Atari to increase their supply, but the oncoming low sales bit them back hardly.

Atari gained managed to net $25 million in sales, but suffered $100 million loss due to overproduction and return of unsold inventory by retailers.

Fuel Entertainment and Joe Lewandowski, a local garbage contractor, have acquired rights to excavate the landfill with Xbox Entertainment Stidios, Lightbox producers Simon and Jonathan Chinn to be part of the documentary series.

The excavation of the infamous Atari grave will be open to the public on April 26.