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John Smedley Claims That a Player has Earned $100K By Selling Created Content

In an interview with Game Talk Live, Sony Online Entertainment’s John Smedley revealed that one of the players has made more than $100,000 by just creating the in-game content on the Sony’s games and selling them in the game’s marketplace.

He gave this news while talking about his newly announced title H1Z1, where he was asked if the game will feature support of the Player Studio, which is SOE’s software that gives players an option to create their own in-game content and then an option to sell it in the marketplace.

In response to the question, John Smedley said:

In fact, we just had our first player create $100,000 from items.

Currently, Player Studio includes the support for Planetside 2, EverQuest and Everquest 2 while support for Everquest: Landmark is scheduled to arrive in near future.

H1Z1 is the newest title for SOE and it will be a survival MMO with zombies. It will feature a day night cycle with game getting a lot difficult, scary and dark at the night time.

The game will feel quite similar to the players who have already played two of the recently released games in the same genre, DayZ Standalone and Rust.

Moreover, players will have the option of lighting a fire to burn down different environments in the game which will have a humongous effect in the game.

Do you like creating your own content in the game? Are you willing to break the record of $100,000 sales? Let us know in your comments below!