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Infamous: Second Son Becomes the Second PS4 Game to Sell 1 Million Units

Looks like Infamous: Second Son did manage to catch the attention of most of us after all. Sony Computer Entertainment Australia has announced that the game managed to sell over one million copies!

What’s more, Infamous: Second Son is now the second PS4 title to manage that feat. The first game to sell over one million units on Sony’s latest console was Killzone: Shadow Fall that has now sold well above 2 million copies.

The news in question came in through a press release where the company was counting the sales from March 21 to the end of the last month.

If you compare the sales figures of Infamous: Second Son with the previous games in the series, you will see that the latest game in the series is now the fastest selling title as well.

Looks like Sucker Punch Productions are really having a good start as this was their first release for PS4 as well as the first game developed by them after being acquired by Sony.

Nonetheless, the achievement isn’t really too surprising. For one, it was the only game as well marketed as itself since the launch of PlayStation 4 and secondly, it actually was the only game as big as itself at the time of the release.

Have you spent time with Infamous: Second Son? We have heard people claim that the feeling you get from the game is way too familiar, would you agree with that or not?