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Heartbleed Leads to South Park: The Stick of Truth Name Change on Steam

The newly found hole in the internet security, Heartbleed has left a lot of transaction out in the open and anyone who knows how to use the flaw to his benefit can lay waste to a lot of your assets.

Anyhow, as disturbing as it sounds, it has had its impact (apparently) on game developers too. For instance, South Park: The Stick of Truth, whose developers have, it seems, changed the name of the game on Steam.

According to a story by Kotaku, the change in name is visible to only the people who already own the game. Which means if you haven’t bought it from Steam, or if you are not using Steam, you will still see South Park: The Stick of Truth listed on the digital distributor’s website.
On the other hand though, if you are a game owner, and you check upon TSOT in the Steam Library, you will see that the game’s title now reads:

“Valve please reset all partner logins because heartbleed.”

Obviously we are not sure if this was a mistake or a really ludicrous way of Obsidian Entertainment to bring Valve’s attention to the matter.

Coming back to Heartbleed, it is a major security breakdown that was revealed last week. Despite the apparently extensive systems of security and checks, this flaw went unnoticed for a long time. This led to uncountable number of people get their hands on uncountable amount of data. This means millions of passwords, credit cards and personal information at the risk of being picked up by hackers.

Did you see the changed name of South Park: The Stick of Truth that makes mention of Heartbleed? If not, check out the image above.