GaymerX2 Game Convention Now Accepting Panel Submissions

Game convention GaymerX2 is now accepting public speakers to hold some panels during their event, which will be held in San Francisco from July 11 to July 13, 2014. Submissions are open until the end of April.

There are two options for panels during the show. One submission form is dedicated to those who can host a panel, either by themselves or with a group of people.

If you’re not that confident, it is still possible to apply on another form, which lets you speak at one of the existing panels. For either one, you’ll need to be confirmed, along with your party, before you’ll be able to solidify a speaking position.

GaymerX2 is the second event themed with openness towards all genders and sexualities in mind. It provides a safe haven for LGBTQ folks, often misrepresented or even shunned in the gaming industry.

For their second edition, the organizers of GaymerX2 had to take to Kickstarter to make it extra special. Out of a needed $10,000, the convention eventually went on to collect $24,298.

Naturally, people not directly related to the LGBTQ are equally welcomed to attend the event as well. Everyone is equal, which is why their slogan is “#everyonegames.”

There are some interesting guests attending GaymerX2 this year. One of them, Darren Young, is the first WWE athlete to come out as gay and the first playable character in a sports title to be openly gay.

Other guests include Bioware writer David Gaider and Ellen McLain, voice of GLaDOS.

Tickets for GaymerX2 start at $70 for 3 days.