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Fornite’s Four Classes Detailed; Dev Plans to Release More in Future

We finally have a ton load of new information on Epic Game’s upcoming co-op sandbox survival game Fortnite.

In Fortnite players work together to gather resources and build fortifications by day, so that they can battle against creatures during the night.

The story on these monsters isn’t available. In fact the game itself isn’t quite heavy on the story either, with its setting simply being referred to as “the world.”

From the reveal, it seems like these monsters will appear through “portal-like gates,” which can be closed by players using a device known as an Atlas. Players must protect these devices and also fend off attacks until daylight.

In Fortnite, each stage is procedurally generated and highly destructible.

Heavy emphasis has been laid down on exploration, through which players will gather different kinds of resources; some of which will be rare. Areas must be explored to find new materials, open treasure chests with new weapons and schematics which let the player build a new tool or weapon.

Players start out with nothing more than a board that has a single nail sticking out of it, which is used to chop down trees, break rocks, chip away at cars and more. However, even this simple board and nail combo can take down a small building, provided you have enough time to go through the supporting walls and columns.

As for the available classes, there will be four and each specializes in unique abilities.

Constructors are able to build quickly with fewer resources, Commandos are combat specialists, Scavengers are able to harvest resources faster for their team’s Builder, and Ninjas have stun weapons, increased mobility and can double-jump.

Epic has revealed plans to create even more classes in the future. However, they haven’t decided on whether they’ll release these for free or as paid DLC. I for one would agree with the paid option here, seeing that Fortnite itself is totally free to play.

Fortnite still has no release date and is in development exclusively for the PC. Epic Games has promised more information in the weeks to come.