Dungeon-Controlling Guild of Dungeoneering Gets Trailer

There’s a new trailer out for Guild of Dungeoneering. Independent developer Gambrinous has shown the evolution of the game since its early beginning with some gameplay of this unique dungeon crawler on PC.

It does so to start off its Steam Greenlight campaign, in the hopes that this one-of-a-kind concept can stand the test on Valve’s extremely busy display program.

There’s quite a bit of ominous intro to go through, but it fits the ironic theme of goofy hero and cute art style in this unforgiving adventure. Anything in the game is set on stencil paper to illustrate a more handmade dungeon, like one that someone would make in a DIY D&D session.

In Guild of Dungeoneering, however, action isn’t actively perceived through its hero. Instead, players command the dungeon itself through a set of cards.

Each round, it’s possible to either place some cards down or discard those that are just taking up space. After that, the character will randomly move through whatever was created.

This way, it’s possible to set corridors that lead to treasure or to scary monsters. Monsters and treasure are tied to a Dread and Hope score respectively.

By racking up a tally, bigger monsters and greater loot can be acquired in this random environment. Heroes do have limited health, however, so be careful not to overshoot the challenge.

Since the last time we played with the Alpha version, Guild of Dungeoneering has become a lot more refined in both visuals and gameplay. Now, the hero moves more intelligently towards action spots like monsters or treasure, even indicating their presence with a short speech bubble.

There’s also a periodic interjection from a demonic character goading players in the dungeon. If you’re interested, the Alpha for Guild of Dungeoneering is still playable right there on the site.