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Catlateral Damage First Fire Hose Games Incubator Title

Goofy destruction title, Catlateral Damage, is the first PC project signed to the indie incubator program of developer Fire Hose Games. It’s sort of a “you scratch our back” thing, if you’ll forgive the cat puns.

Fire Hose Games has a program that allows struggling indie developers to take refuge under their banner. With their expertise, they can provide artists with a work environment, financial support, marketing advice and so on.

Basically, the incubator is sort of a nice little shell where people can safely make their games, while Fire Hose Games deals with all the legal stuff. Since Catlateral Damage developer, Chris Chung, was having some trouble with that sort of work, both parties can prosper from a collaboration.

Catlateral Damage soared to internet fame, because people love cats. It combined this obsession with a game where you get points for wrecking up living rooms and so on with a crabby cat paw.

With the hype train in full force, Catlateral Damage was able to breeze through the Steam Greenlight process.

Catlateral Damage isn’t the first project that Fire Hose Games will be undertaking. As a development studio, the company already brought out games like Slam Bolt Scrappers and Go Home Dinosaurs.

Fire Hose Games also has a hand in the creation of the Indie Megabooth project, which lets a lot of small developers go to shows on a much tighter budget, by providing one huge space.

Source: Joystiq