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Call of Duty: Ghosts – Latest Hotfix Also Changed Spawning

A couple of days back Infinity Ward pushed forward a small hotfix that changed the way players would earn Killstreak rewards in Call of Duty: Ghosts.

Shortly after the ‘ninja’ update was released, Infinity Ward posted patch notes for it, which today is revealed was incomplete. The latest update also tweaked the spawning for game modes like Team Deathmatch.

Infinity Ward senior community manager, Tina Palacios, today announced on Twitter that they have changed a few TDM spawning aspects. “Spawn changes are an ongoing, internal testing process,” she said.

The changes though are for TDM only. When asked if we can expect them to be applied to other modes as well, Palacios replied, “We are continuing work at the office and will provide updates as the MP team makes progress.

The Killstreak point rewards changes were introduced “to promote objective play.” Players now have to earn points to access Killstreaks, instead of the previous kill counts.

Do you prefer the current changes or do you miss having to quickly get access to rewards based on your kills?