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Average Revenue Per User of MMOs Compared – World of Tanks at Top

Super data research has compared some of the biggest free-to-play titles’ average revenue per user that ranges between $4.50 and $1.58 and made a statement that the shooters earn more than the MOBA titles by comparing Team Fortress 2 which earns $4.36 with Dota 2 which earns $1.54.

The report read:

Successful titles are those that develop and localize their game to accommodate specific markets. This entails everything from setting up local servers to reduce latency to offering country-specific payment methods and customer support.

The cost per install for free-to-play MMOs has been consistently going up, as the market has started to mature. Last month the average cost per install for a free-to-play MMO in the US was about $8 dollars. Having a clear sense of marketing cost helps build a user base more effectively.

The report also came up to a conclusion that shows developers who put more work into the experience of the players rather than focusing on the earnings, get more dedicated gamers for their titles who are happy to spend their time and money on the game.

The average revenue per user for the top 10 F2P titles are given in the image below:

So are you surprised that World of Tanks is there at the top? How do you suggest that F2P models should proceed to benefit both players and the makers?

Source: Super Data Research