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Atlus Signs Citizens of Earth From Luigi’s Mansion Devs

Publisher Atlus has taken a new game under its wing with their announcement of picking up Citizens of Earth from developer Eden Industries. It will release somewhere in 2014 for Playstation 4, PS Vita, Nintendo 3DS, Wii U and PC.

No Xbox version is planned as of yet for Citizens of Earth. This isn’t really indie-related either, since the game could bypass whatever blockades the platform has with the help of Atlus. They publish there all the time.

Citizens of Earth plays like a roleplaying game (RPG) in a modern world, where you portray the Vice President, who tries to restore order by doing as little as possible. In the game, you’ll be charged with rallying citizens to your cause, so they can do the dirty work for you.

Visuals are very cartoony, but with added effects for a little modern vibe as well. Its top-down world has a strong link to Earthbound.

In fact, Citizens of Earth is greatly inspired by the classic, as noted by several of the developers on a previously attempted Kickstarter campaign. Some developers were also responsible for the excellent Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon, so we’re keeping the vibe in the Nintendo sphere.

Some unique elements about this title is that every citizen in its world can be recruited, as long as you pay attention to their needs. Jobs differ from baristas to crazy conspiracy theorists.

Citizens of Earth also employs a turn-based combat model with a twist. Attacks are themed after the person’s job to include things like “befuddle” or “argue” and attacks are linked to a Power system.

Some options will generate an amount of Power, which can then be used to put into Power-draining blows. This creates a dynamic between setting up the proper prompts and unleashing hell at the right time.

Originally, Citizens of Earth failed its Kickstarter appeal. It’s awesome to see Atlus scoop it up regardless.