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Titanfall Xbox 360 Version Runs Impressively at 46fps

Now that you have read the title, let us first tell you that it wasn’t only me who was a little skeptic about the quality of the Titanfall Xbox 360 version.

The fact that Respawn Entertainment wasn’t making it gave further strength to those concerns. However, as it turns out, the last generation version of the game is actually impressive.

Digital Foundry has examined the version and reported that it currently ran on 46fps and 600p. The report has also come with a video that shows the game running, and you can actually see how the game looks, above.

That being said, some level of screen tearing was expected and naturally, there is some. Obviously, the game is already asking a lot from the Xbox 360 to run the game on 46fps.

We do know that memory wise; the Xbox 360 has only a fraction of what Xbox One carries.

If you buy the game and get some of the nastier blows from the screen tearing you will still have the option to lock the frame rater at 30fps as usual. This way, the visuals will be more consistent, although a little lower than what the game is capable of.

If you wish to know more on the technical side, you may read up on their article or check out what they are saying about the Titanfall Xbox 360 version:

In summary, after a day with the Xbox 360 game, the big takeaway here is that this is Titanfall, and it does appear to be feature-complete on the older console. With just one tenth of the available RAM and far less capable silicon, it’s safe to say that Bluepoint Games has more than exceeded expectations.

To me it looks like Bluepoint Games has really done a commendable job with the Titanfall Xbox 360 version. What do you think?