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The Blackwell Epiphany Gets Demo Before April 24 Launch

Independent developer Wadjet Eye Games has released a demo download for The Blackwell Epiphany in lieu of its PC release on April 24, 2014. It’s about 350MB in size and should give you a head start on the mysteries to expect in the full release.

Unfortunately, The Blackwell Epiphany will be the fifth and final release in the series, which goes as far back as 2006. Previous iterations are The Blackwell Legacy, Blackwell Unbound, Blackwell Convergence, and Blackwell Deception.

As an expert in the point and click genre, Wadjet Eye Games made the Blackwell series into something a little different, while using the same pixel visuals as the Sierra golden age.

In The Blackwell Epiphany, players take on a dual protagonist role. One is a normal person, Rosa Blackwell, who goes around solving mysteries in New York City. At Rosa’s side, there’s always Joey Mallone, a ghost detective with a flair for the olden film noir days.

Together, the two alternate to solve the puzzles laid out in front of them. Each can access parts of environments that the other can’t.

For instance, Joey can float around and eavesdrop on conversations behind closed doors easily, while Rosa has the advantage of being a living person who can actually touch things.

The Blackwell Epiphany will release through Steam, GOG and other notable platforms. Preorders are available now on the Wadjet Eye Games site for $14.99, which comes with exclusive videos, a soundtrack and a Steam key.