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Sega’s European Office Undergoes Layoffs During Restructuring

The European division of Sega has been reported to have undergone layoffs, as the company attempts to restructure both the Sonic and mobile gaming departments found in Sega of America.

“Sega is in the process of consolidating certain functions of the Sonic and Mobile departments within Sega of America, where the management and production for those areas of the business reside,” a company representative told Polygon. “As part of that strategy a limited number of redundancies have taken effect in our European office, based in London.”

Last year Sega made another round of layoffs in its American division and the year before that saw to the company closing most of its offices throughout Europe and Australia as part of shifting their focus towards its four key franchises: Sonic, Aliens, Total War and Football Manager, alongside new and existing digital titles.

Sega is currently working on Sonic Boom, the latest installment in the Sonic the Hedgehog franchise. Los Angeles-based Big Red Button is developing it for the Wii U, while San Fransisco-based Sanzaru Games is working on the 3DS version. They both will be working under the supervision of the Sonic Team.

Source Polygon