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Prior PS4 Exclusive ‘Secret Ponchos’ Might Come To Steam

Developer Switchblade Monkeys has teased an image that would imply a Steam release for its upcoming title, Secret Ponchos. In a recent tweet, the company simply marks “What the?!” and a picture with the game name, along with Steam in the background.

There’s also a half of the valve logo, which would indicate its release on the store at some point. Previously, the game was only marked as a Playstation 4 release.

Secret Ponchos is a multiplayer-focused title, inspired by shootouts in the Wild West era. Battles are seen from a top-down perspective.

There are several classes to choose from in Secret Ponchos. Each character comes with its own range of statistics, such as fire rate, range and speed.

Gunning down others can contribute to a kill streak, which offers some incentives to stay alive and shoot more people.

Secret Ponchos proclaims to mix styles from shooters, as well as fighting games or roleplaying game (RPG) elements. It’s been fairly secretive on revealing more tangible info on that, but at least its visual style looks fluid and catchy.

As an indie project, it’s great to finally see Secret Ponchos head out of the Playstation 4 zone. It’s not that it wouldn’t find an audience there, but Steam’s entry level is much lower.

Take into account that multiplayer requires a Playstation Plus membership on PS4. Moreover, it’s doubtful that new players would invest on a high-end console just to check out the game.

We’d definitely give Secret Ponchos a spin on PC. It’s sort of reminiscent of multiplayer shooter Loadout. That’s a good thing.

Thanks, Joystiq.