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Once DayZ Standalone on PC is Stable, Its Next Stop Would be Consoles

DayZ standalone has made quite an impact on the gaming industry since its release and the fan following of the game is increasing every single day.

So far, the game has only been released on PC but the developer wants to port the game over to the consoles but not until the PC version is fixed completely.

In an interview with Game Reactor, creator of DayZ Standalone, Dean “Rocket” Hall said:

I think all the console manufacturers are interested in DayZ, and rightly so because we’ve sold a fair amount of units in a short space of time and it’s a game that could potentially transfer quite well to consoles.

The consoles are trying to sort of break new ground with where they’re heading, because I’m sure there’s a lot of console gamers out there who they would have loved to be a part of say Minecraft when it first came out, and things like that.

Hall admitted that the studio is the hurdle between the console ports of their popular game as they can’t work on a new version until the previous one is ready.

So really the bottleneck is us. We need to get the PC build to the right state.

He continued on to say that there comes a time where any addition to the game will do more damage instead of improving it.

I also think as well that there can be a certain point when it’s actually… you can start doing damage to the project. Like I like to change things, I like to make new stuff happen. I think at that point we do need to start keeping focus on the game and start just polishing and refining and that kind of stuff.

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