Horror Game Grave Has A PC Demo Out To Test Your Pants

Indie project Grave has released a demo download, which it used to demonstrate the game at GDC this year. It does so to provide a little boost for its current Kickstarter campaign.

Grave is a PC game that uses the go-to genres survival horror and free exploration, as well as random generation and so on. It’s also in first perspective, which opens it up for gameplay with the Oculus Rift virtual reality device.

You can play the demo with your Oculus headset as well, if you have that laying around. Otherwise, it’s possible to go through this scary world with a controller in hand.

Much of the open world in Grave is set in a desert environment. This creates both isolation, as well as a way to play around with locations to confuse players.

Since the game is procedurally generated, certain sections get added randomly, usually indicated by bright lights hindering view. Prepare to see a ton of lighting effects in this playthrough.

Light is a big factor for the game’s survival elements as well. Strange creatures lurk in the shadows and the only way to not get brutally murdered is through the use of light sources.

Grave employs a more pensive design to repellants than just something where one size fits all. Several light sources, such as matches or lighting pools of fuel, will react differently to the monsters nearby.

Some creatures are easily killed with a flame, but others get attracted by it, which requires a lot of thinking while under duress.

Some of Grave might be a little confusing, but that contributes to the game’s bewildering theme. It takes inspiration from Salvador Dali art for an added surreal touch.

Currently, Grave is seeking $30,000 in funds through Kickstarter. With 18 days to go, it’s about a fifth of the way there.