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Is H1Z1 Sony Online Entertainment’s Next Game? Teaser Site Launched

Back in January, it was revealed that Sony Online Entertainment registered a trademark for something called H1Z1. Back then no one was sure what it was and it wasn’t really given much of an importance for being too vague. However, now there is a teaser site with the same name.

Recently a website went live named, there is only one page that shows a night scene with a mist flowing over what looks like old buildings. There is also a shadow of a mountain and numerous trees. However, the most notable aspect of the teaser image is the shining moon and the aforementioned mist.

That is, of course, apart from one line written at the bottom of it that reads:

“©2014 Sony Online Entertainment LLC. H1Z1 is a trademark of Sony Online Entertainment LLC. All rights reserved.”

Yes, it is legit. The reason why its legit is, that John Smedley, the president of SOE has also been teasing images over his official twitter account, and the source code of the teaser website links back to SOE.

Looking at the images he shared previously, we can make some reliable speculations.

We see that there is a difference of time in the images he has shared. That is a feature we usually see in survival games. Moreover, this feature is created by SOE through Forgelight Engine, the one that was used on Planetside 2 and Landmark.

Moreover, Smedley has further hinted that there will be something going on about the game at tomorrow at 5pm. He has also stated that people will be able to ‘fully’ play the game soon.

What do you think the H1Z1 game is about?