Football Manager Classic 2014 Video Shows off PS Vita Gameplay

The team behind Football Manager Classic 2014 PS Vita version have been working hard to get the game in shape since quite a while now. However, it seems like their efforts are finally paying off, as seen from the new video shared by Sports Interactive.

According to Miles Jacobson the studio director at Sports Interactive, their development team has finally managed to make the same match engine work that Football Manager Classic 2014 has on the PC:

“From the very start of this project, the most important thing we had to work out was how to bring to PS Vita the same match engine that features in the PC/Mac game, along with the 3D match view.

It’s always been a frustration to us that current smartphones and tablets just aren’t powerful enough to deliver the full FM experience. The possibility of running the match engine on a handheld was what drew us to PS Vita in the first place and although it took a lot of hard work, with programmers making what seems impossible possible, to make it happen, the results are clear. It works!”

Football Manager Classic 2014 released to PS Vita on Friday, April 11, 2014.