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Farmville 2 Lost 4 Million DAUs While Candy Crush Saga Secured the Crown

Zynga’s Farmville 2, which was among the most popular apps on all the platforms, is losing its daily active users (DAUs) every single day.

According to the results in March of 2013, Farmville 2 had over eight million DAUs and was controlling 2.73% of the app market on Facebook and at the same time the biggest competitor of the game, Candy Crush had more than 21.5 million DAUs and 7.27% of the Facebook App market.

In one year’s time Candy Crush Saga has managed to maintain the number one spot with more than 35 million DAUs alongside 15.77% control over the Facebook app market and on the other hand Farmville 2 has lost over four million DAUs and has dropped in the rankings of App Data Power Rank from number 4 to 20th.

Check out the following chart for detailed insights on both the games:

farmville 2

Both Farmville 2 and Candy Crush have a lot of fan following but it looks like that Zynga has not done much to keep the fans interested in their game.

Both games are quite different from each other, at one point or another, players are bound to get bored because there isn’t anything left to attract the players. New content that develops the interest of the players, is the key to success for these type of games.

Have you played both of the games? Why do think Farmville 2 has failed while Candy Crush moves from strength to strength? Share your thoughts with us in the comments below!

Source: App Data