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EA’s MOBA Dawngate Enters into Open Beta, Join Now!

MOBA has become a trend these days and now EA has decided to provide their own take on it with their new title ‘Dawngate’ which is being developed by Waystone Games.

Dawngate is a Free-to-play MOBA and it has entered into an open beta which starts today. To register, just head to the official website of the game, get yourself registered and download the client.

The developer Waystone Games describe the game as:

Dawngate is a multiplayer online battle arena game that features fast-paced team combat and a flexible Meta that lets gamers play their way.

With the freedom to choose a role that isn’t dependent on the player’s choice of Shaper, Dawngate expands its Meta by celebrating personal play styles.

Featuring two teams of five Shapers, two lanes and a huge jungle, the game also introduces unique economy-based objectives like Spirit Wells to create a new strategic landscape.

Each match ends with an intense fight against the enemy team and their Guardian, and gives players the chance to earn Blessings from their allies and foes.

Blessings are loot drops that reward how well gamers played, and commends them for teamwork and sportsmanship.

According to the impressions of the players who participated in the closed beta couple of months ago, it looks like that Dawngate is quite similar to the other games in the same genre with some new changes like a two laned map instead of traditional three laned map, with two spirit wells and a jungle that covers the rest of the map.

Now the game has entered into open beta and you can check out the game for yourself and form your own impression.

Share your Dawngate beta experiences with us by commenting below!