Blizzard Files Trademark for Overwatch While Hiring for Unannounced Project

News doesn’t stop pouring in from Blizzard; and this time it’s (hopefully) not another one of the pranks that they played at April Fools’ Day.

We have picked up news that the company registered a trademark for something called “Overwatch.”

It is true that the silliness from last year’s episode about The Dark Below does make one a little skeptic about what’s going on, but there is more to the news. Blizzard is also hiring for an unannounced project at the moment.

If you visit the careers page of their official website, you will see that they are looking for professionals to work on a new project. Could the two be related? Only time will tell.

Now, up until now we have known Blizzard Entertainment to be the kind of a developing studio that focuses more on the key/large-scaled franchises, but that trend might be changing.

Recently, the comments of Jason Chayes hinted towards the studio’s plans to recreate new teams to work on different types of games. Here’s what he had said back then:

We started up a new development team because we kind of recognized that we needed to have this ability to be more experimental, experiment with different types of games than what we were doing with our big, core franchises.

Before any one of us goes on to believe all this, let us remind you that this is nothing but speculation and everything here, apart from the hiring and the trademark, should be taken with the expected grain of salt.

So what could Overwatch be about? We have nothing to go on for now, but we would surely welcome a discussion with regards to what you think Blizzard is planning for us next.

Source: Player Attack